Guide to LA's Best Shopping Districts on a Budget

March 18, 2016
shopping on a budget

While Los Angeles is a great place to do touristy things and to take advantage of all the activities to do, it is also a fantastic place to go shopping. For many, when you say “shopping” and “LA”, you might think Rodeo Drive. When Rodeo Drive might be fun to walk down and go window shopping, there are so many other shopping opportunities to take advantage of - especially if you’re not looking to break the bank. Here’s a guide to some of the best shopping in LA when you are on a budget.

LA’s Fashion District is a huge area in the heart of Downtown that spans 100 blocks. Appropriately named, the Fashion District is a great place to get some of the best deals around. While most of the district is dedicated to wholesale, you will find a number of retail opportunities, especially down Santee Alley. This is where locals head to when they want some of the best sales around - how does 30%-70% off retail prices sound to you? From accessories to apparel to music, there is something for everyone. Shop are generally open Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm. Be forewarned, Saturdays tend to get especially busy, though still doable.  Visit for more information.

Chinatown is another great location for shopping on a budget. You’ll find many stores that offer traditional Chinese gifts and trinkets as well as stores selling Chinese art, jewelry and even furniture. Chinatown is also great in that you can simply walk around the area and peep into shops that look interesting. K.G. Louie Co. is one example that sells an eclectic mix of goods. From fun souvenirs to authentic Chinese tea sets, you can find it here. K.G. Louie Co. is located at 432 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles. Visit for hours.

Did you know that Los Angeles is home to the largest Flower Market in the entire country? It’s true, at the LA Flower Market you will be able to find nearly every variety of flower to be had. Not only is the variety huge, you will also enjoy special market prices. While the Flower Market deals mostly with Wholesale, there are also general business hours for the public as well. These hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8am-12pm; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6am-12pm. You’ll find the Flower District along Wall Street in Los Angeles, between 7th and 8th street. Just follow the smell of fresh flowers, you can’t miss it!

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