Visiting Haunted Griffith Park

October 5, 2018
griffith park haunted

This October, there are exciting events that Los Angeles has to offer. For many, October is a time to drink beer, eat bratwursts and enjoy oktoberfest in los angeles. For others, it’s a spooky time meant to thrill and terrify. If you are interested in Halloween and getting in to the season, check out some Griffith Park haunted stories and then visit for some terrifying activities located in the park.

It all started back in 1863 when Don Antonio Feliz, the man who owned the land, died of smallpox. Don Antonio was supposed to leave the land to his niece, but at the last minute, the land was left to Don Antonio Coronel. Furious, Dona Petranilla put a curse on the land. In 1882, the land was sold to Griffith J. Griffith and he began business ventures including running an ostrich farm with a man named Frank Burkett. When the deal went south, Frank was enraged and attempted to murder Griffith at the Old Calvary Cemetery. While Griffith survived the attack, it’s said that he may have went mad, as eventually, he shot his wife in the eye during a bout of “alcoholic insanity” as he believed his wife was conspiring against him and trying to poison him.

For a truly terrifying experience, visit the haunted grounds of Griffith Park during the LA Haunted Hayride experience. This event features truly terrifying experiences, scare zones, mazes and a haunted hayride that will leave you sleeping with the light on. If you are looking for something more family friendly, don’t worry, Los Angeles has got you covered too. Also at Griffith Park is the family friendly Ghost Train that is brought to you by the LA Steamers Railroad Museum. This family friendly event will take place weekends during October as well as on October 30th and the 31st. During a 20 minute ride aboard a train, you’ll journey through a fun and imaginary world of Halloween charm. Get your tickets today.

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