The L.A. Fashion District

May 4, 2018
The L.A. Fashion District

There’s no doubt about it, Los Angeles is an epicenter for fashion. Over at the Fashion District, you’ll find that this is the place where designers have wholesale businesses, show rooms, and can work on creating their latest designs. While much of the stores are whole sale only, there are also plenty of places that guests can shop and receive amazing bargains. This particular area is known as Santee Alley, a huge area consisting of 100 blocks filled with retailers selling everything you can imagine. If you’re looking for bargain deals, a stop at Santee Alley in the Fashion District is the place for you.

At Santee Alley, you’ll find over 150 vendors selling basically a little bit of everything. Looking for the latest perfume and makeup for only a couple of bucks? Have a wedding to go to soon? You can find suits, bridesmaid dresses and even wedding weddres for less $100! Where else can you find high end fashion at such affordable prices? As you explore the vendors, you’ll find that you can find something for everyone here. You can find clothes and shoes for the whole family as well as toys, accessories, shoes as well as gifts to bring back to loved ones. Another option at the Fashion District is visiting one of the many vendors that sell various fabrics for cheap. If you, or someone you know, knows how to sew or design, get your fabrics for cheap at the Fashion District. Here, you can find trims, fabric, and beading as well as home decor items for exceptional prices.

A few things to know before you visit the Fashion District is that many of the vendors located here are cash only. While some do accept credit or debit cards, it is best to come prepared and to have cash on you. Additionally, since products are constantly turning over, if you like something, it’s best to purchase it as odds are it won’t be there the next time you come back!

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