The Best Self-Guided City Tours

February 9, 2018
Self-Guided city tours los angeles

One of the best ways to learn more about a city is by hitting the pavement and walking the streets for yourself. While there are a variety of tours that are offered where you simply ride along in a vehicle, there’s nothing quite like walking through a city yourself to really get a feel for it. Lucky for you, there are a number of self-guided tours that are available for you to enjoy. Read on to learn more!

GPS My City is an app that you can download on your phone that features self guided tours of cities as well at travel articles so you can learn more about the city you are in. Each city comes with a detailed travel route so you can explore all the local highlights at your own pace! Additionally, there are various tours to choose from. For example, there are sightseeing walks that highlight LA’s music venues, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, historical locations and more! Whatever you want to learn more about, you can decide which tour to go on.

The Los Angeles Conservancy, an organization dedicating itself to preserving historic LA landmarks, also offers a number of different self-guided tours on their website. Tours include visiting historic architecture in the city, exploring Chinatown, visiting filming locations of the movie (500) Days of Summer and more! Visit their official website for a full list of tours.

Detour is another app based, self guided tour option to enjoy. The app features tours that were specifically created by the employees at Detour but it also features tours that have been designed by locals! This results in learning the secrets of L.A. from the very people who know it the best. Tours include visiting the historic bars of Hollywood, unique architecture in Santa Monica, exploring the outdoor murals Downtown and many more.

Do you want to be able to learn more about the places you visit and walk by? If so, PocketGuide is the app for you. PocketGuide is a location based audio tour that leads you through the city by voice! In essence, it’s like going on a personal tour that is led by a real tour guide. Tours are created by local tour-guides so you know you’re being led by professionals.

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