Best AYCE KBBQ Restaurants in Koreatown

October 30, 2016
full bowl of korean bbq meat

It’s no surprise that our hotel near Koreatown has excellent food options locally, especially if you are looking for Korean BBQ. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find more authentic Korean BBQ then in Koreatown. One of the great things about Korean BBQ eateries is that they often offer excellent all you can eat specials. To help you find some great places to eat, here’s a quick guide to the best Korean BBQ all you can eat restaurants in Koreatown.

At Oo-Kook, they make it easy for guests. After you pay, you have access to the rest of the menu, which includes over 25 selections of different type of meat. That means whatever you are in the mood for, you will likely be able to find it here. Choose from ribs, spicy chicken, brisket, pork belly, baby octopus and more. For menu information, visit

Hae Jan Chong’s all you can eat menu is unique in that there are a lot of options to choose from. There are 27 different types of meat that are both marinated and un-marinated. There are also seafood option and vegetarian options such as kimchi pancakes to choose from. Their quality of meat is also kept at a high standard so you can be sure that you will be eating food that is tasty. If you stop by, their pork shoulder is a favorite choice. Visit for more information.

At Road to Seoul, you will yet another all you can eat menu that offers competitive prices and varieties. You can choose from a selection of meats such as pork belly, boneless kalbi, baby octopus, bbq chicken, pork neck, beef tongue and beef sirloin just to name a few. The quality of meat is good and the service is unparalleled. In fact, every table is equipped with a service button and when pressed, a server comes by within in seconds to attend to the table.

Bring your appetite when you visit a Korean BBQ spot in Koreatown!

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