Los Angeles Escape Rooms

May 11, 2016
escape rooms in la

Escape Rooms are a fun group activity that has been gaining in popularity. If you haven’t heard, the essential concept is that you and your friends are trapped in a room and the only way you can get out is if you figure out a series of clues and puzzles in the allotted time! Put your detective skills to the test and see if you and your friends can escape the room! Here are some of the different escape rooms in Los Angeles you can choose from.

The Basement is a themed Escape Room that is just for you and your friends - that is, if you and your friends ever wondered what it was like to be in a horror movie. Not only are the props are amazing, this experience even has a well thought out backstory. You and your friends will be trapped in the basement of Edward Tandy, a sadistic cannibal. In the dimly lit and creepy basement, you’ll have to figure out a way to escape his basement or else you’ll become his next victims! For more information visit www.thebasementla.com

Escape Room LA is one of the first companies that brought Escape Rooms to the city. Enjoy the thematic elements of this room where you’ll find yourself locked in a detective's office from the 1940s. You’ll have to solve one of his cases before times runs out! Look for clues throughout the room and see if you can figure out the case. Visit www.escaperoomla.com for more information.

Countdown Live Escape is another company offering escape rooms. This Las Vegas based company offers a little bit of a twist though. They are known for their themed rooms such as The Spaceship where you will be submerged into a whole new world. See if you can figure out the tech of the spaceship and escape before time is up. Another themed room they offer is the Tiki Palace. You’re guests at an exotic resort but there also happens to be a very active volcano right outside. Can you escape before the volcano erupts? For ticket information visit www.countdownescape.com

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