Best AYCE KBBQ Restaurants in Koreatown - Round 2

November 30, 2016
korean bbq cooking on a grill

While in Koreatown, aside from all the great shopping opportunities and tourist attractions, a must do is stopping for some lunch or dinner at an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant. If you are looking for some good food, here are some of the best KBBQ restaurants in LA, and they’re All You Can Eat!

At Oo-Kook Korean BBQ, not only can you enjoy quality meats at affordable prices, you can also enjoy great decor and an outdoor patio in the back. There are also a wide variety of meats and entrees to choose from. Indeed, choose from 30 items such as marinated short rib, US Kobe, garlic shrimp, pork belly, prawns, beef tongue and other chicken and pork options. Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure that the meats will be some of the best quality around.

On the All You Can Eat Menu at Hae Jan Chong, choose from 27 delicious items. Some of these include USDA Prime beef brisket, marinated USDA beef short rib as well as non marinated USDA beef short rib, prime black angus, spicy bbq beef, beef tongue, spicy pork, pork belly, shrimp, pork shoulder, spicy BBQ chicken, octopus, hot dogs. Sides include steamed egg, fried rice or steamed rice, rice wraps, miso soup and salad among others.

At Road to Seoul, not only will you find good food, you will also find good vibes. The fun atmosphere that you’ll find here is also great for those you have never had Korean BBQ before. Some of the favorite options include the seasoned beef rib meat, beef tongue, beef brisket as well as the special Road to Seoul beef. There are also different different options when it comes to the AYCE menus. Choose which option is best for you!

Try one of the best kbbq restaurants in LA while traveling to Koreatown.

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